About Penny

A Career in Film

S.P. Hozy (Penny) was born in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Penny worked for many years as a sound editor in the Canadian film industry, receiving a number of Genie and Gemini nominations, and winning a Gemini and a Hollywood MPSE award in 1993 for her work on the controversial mini-series Conspiracy of Silence.

Travelling, Writing

Penny has traveled extensively in Asia, South and North America, Europe, Russia, North Africa and Australia, living at times in Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Afghanistan, India and Sri Lanka. McClelland & Stewart published some of her poems in Storm Warning 2 in 1976. Two of her short stories were published in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest and she has written articles for The Mystery Review, a magazine about mystery writing and writers.

The Next Chapter

Inspired by her travels, Penny began writing her first novel in 1984. Some Comfort Among Us was a runner-up in the 2000 Chapters/Robertson Davies contest and was published in 2004, with Indian mysticism as a backdrop. Her second novel, If Only To Say Goodbye, was published in February 2005 and takes place largely in Thailand. A Cold Season In Shanghai was released by Rendezvous Press in Fall 2009, and her fourth book, set in Singapore, is The Scarlet Macaw.

Since 2005, she has been living in both Toronto and South East Asia, fulfilling a long-time dream to spend winters researching and writing in Asia and enjoying pleasantly warm weather all year round.