This edition of The Scarlet Macaw--with a hidden twist!--is published by Monsoon Books of Singapore and distributed in Asia.

Two entwined mysteries unfold in two time periods in Singapore: one in the present, the other in the 1920s. Artist Maris Cousins has lived in Singapore for four years, but the sudden death of her mentor, gallery owner Peter Stone, causes her to stop painting and leave Singapore to reconnect with her family in Canada.

In this searing historical novel set amid the turmoil of early 20th century Shanghai, three women--one Russian, one Chinese, and one French--determine the tragic fate of a young piano prodigy. Which of them is really responsible for his death?

Joanna Reynolds is about to be faced with the contradictions in her husband's life. Franklin, who was terrified of the water and didn't even own a bathing suit, had drowned while away on business in Thailand. Scrupulous about his financial affairs, he'd written to her three weeks before his death telling her he'd lost everything. But just days before he died, Franklin wrote a will leaving three million dollars.

Ann Hobart had spent her life searching for inner peace. Going to an ashram halfway around the world in India seemed like the perfect answer. "I'm going to come back with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Life Force. I’m going to come back whole," she told her daughter Stephanie just before she left. All Stephanie could think was how naive her mother was to believe this ...