A Cold Season in Shanghai

In this searing historical novel, amid the turmoil of early 20th century Shanghai, three women--one Russian, one Chinese, and one French--determine the tragic fate of a young piano prodigy. Which of them is really responsible for his death?

S.P. Hozy's gripping story is set against the backdrop of revolution in China, when decadent Shanghai was like no other place on earth. The narrator is Tatiana, a Russian woman brought up in a wealthy family. As a young woman, Tatiana chose to live a life of careless abandon, turning her back on her family’s values. After the dealth of the young musician, she retreats from the life she knew and ultimately abandons her friends.

From the midst of her new life, however, Tatiana suspects she may have been the catalyst for the series of devastating events which caused havoc in the lives of her companions. Tormented by the aftermath of her decisions, she longs to forget, until ultimately the shocking truth is told.