If Only to Say Goodbye

Joanna Reynolds is about to be faced with the contradictions in her husband's life. Franklin, who was terrified of the water and didn't even own a bathing suit, had supposedly drowned while away on business in Thailand. Scrupulous about his financial affairs, he'd written to her three weeks before his death telling her he'd lost everything. But just days before he died, Franklin wrote a will leaving three million dollars.

Was Franklin's death in some way linked to the three million dollars? Had he killed himself to avoid some shameful discovery? Or had he been murdered? There had to be an explanation, and Joanna needed to know it. The mystery of Franklin's demise raised questions about her own life and the 16 years of their marriage. Had she been wrong about everything?

Telling no one, Joanna books a ticket for Bangkok and embarks on a dangerous quest for the truth, in a land and culture very different from the one she has always known. Unable to turn back, she must follow a trail of corruption and violent death to its horrifying conclusion.

Many things come to an end for Joanna, but she also discovers that her life is really just beginning.