Some Comfort Among Us

Ann Hobart had spent her life searching for inner peace. Going to an ashram halfway around the world in India seemed like the perfect answer. "I'm going to come back with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Life Force. I’m going to come back whole," she told her daughter Stephanie just before she left. All Stephanie could think was how naive her mother was to believe this.

But Ann doesn’t come back. Suffering from an undiagnosed illness, she books a ticket but never uses it. Unable to contact the remote ashram, Stephanie decides to go to India and bring her mother home. But when she gets there, she learns that life on the ashram is about more than spiritual enlightenment.

Two people have already died. Thrust by events beyond her control into a world she cannot comprehend, Stephanie Hobart--young, smart and fearlessly independent--must find a way to make sense of what she discovers. She learns that the journey of the self lasts a lifetime.